EVE CLUB is a private Members club, mainly for personally invited Members, with Membership drawn primarily from refined, creative, sophisticated and open minded people. 

My name is EVE, and together with my fascinating and mysterious mentor Madame "O", and thanks to our decades of experience, we are glad to announce the opening of our cozy and elegant Libertine CLUB; it is a timeless place located in Milano city center.

EVE Club is a club created by women, designed for women!

Women are the Queen, they must be respected and pleased; Gentlemen are their knights and as such they have to behave!


You will be carried away by seducing atmospheres, thematic parties, stunning performers, intriguing courses and luxury services; a new and unique Libertine CLUB concept, to enjoy your libertine lifestyle.

An intimate, cozy, and seductive boudoir that can make you live every time a new emotion; we aim to make you feel good, to realize your fantasies in total freedom, with discretion and the utmost respect for your wishes; a natural access to a magic that should always accompany our moments of intimacy.

Our Libertine Lounge is permeated with important values such as elegance, beauty, eroticism and seduction; we believe that sensual pleasure and fulfilment are paramount to a well-lived life, our concept empowers and inspires exploration of fantasies of sensual women and sophisticated couples. People wants to stretch their bounds.

The celebration and the desire of a refined eroticism, experienced together with people of similar social and cultural level and in an intriguing location, is the key for all those who want to enjoy with his or her partner the most satisfying and intimate complicity.

A secure environment where finally only selected Members can meet and have fun, being able to interact and relate in a natural and relaxed way; we believe intimacy should be honored, and that our Members should be able to explore and express their passion with grace, sophistication, abandon and FREEDOM. Glamour can permeate every aspect of life, even the most intimate.

EVE CLUB is located in downtown Milan.