EVE CLUB is a PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB, PART OF MADAME "O" LIBERTINE SOCIETY GROUP. It is NOT open to the public; TO ACCESS OUR SERVICES AND EVENTS IT IS MANDATORY TO BECOME MADAME "O" MEMBERS FIRST.  we have established very severe entering rules in order to maintain the club exclusive.   

- We welcome quality people, who are older than 18 years.

- Entrance exclusively for Madame "O" Members.

- The Membership is strictly personal.

- We pay particular attention to the protection of the Members’ privacy as well as of those aspiring to become. Your data processing is carried out in strict compliance with EU privacy laws.

- Your informations are used for the sole purpose of evaluating the application for Membership.

- We invite Candidates to provide us with real details, pictures and thoughts; at your first access, we will verify if the information You provided during the registration process are correct, real and truthful, If they are NOT, you can not access our services and Events and Your Membership will be cancelled.

- It is not guaranteed that Your request of Membership will be accepted; in case of a negative reply, please accept it elegantly.

To enquire for Membership, please open the application form below. We will reply to you as soon as your application is assessed.


P.S. During the evaluation of your request of Membership, the possible invitation from people already being Members, eases the procedure, however it does not ensure the positive result of the submitted request.