"Tonight is a special night, a night of glamorous and seduction, beauty and eroticism......tonight we visit EVE Club, our magic and secret place to have fun and to be free one more time to share our desires and fantasies with our beautiful libertine friends.....it is time for our preparation now, we wish to be stunning and sexy, we will dress our most sensual and sophisticated clothes and accessories to seduce and flirt with class and elegance!!" 

At EVE Club, we wish to look our best!

We love to welcome feminine Ladies and sexy Gentleman! 

How to dress, some advices:


For Gentlemen

Dark suit or dark elegant pant with elegant white or black shirt and black elegant shoes;  a smart jacket is always really welcome, tie is not strictly required.

For Ladies

Elegant, sophisticated and sexy dress; shoes with high heels. Play with your clothes, lingerie, and accessories to master you own art of seduction.  


For Gentleman and Ladies:  

No Casual Streetwear / No Blue jeans / No sport outfits / No sport jackets / No short sleeves shirts / No tank tops, T-shirts, polo shirts / No sweaters / No sport or wool gilet / No blazers / No day suit or clothing / No sneakers, ankle boots, trainers, white socks or anything similar that lacks class

in particular for the LADIES 

No vulgar dress / No any type of trousers, leggings or shorts , unsexy dresses, flat shoes.


To attend our special and thematic parties and soiree, the members have to respect the dress code required by the specific event.

It is always possible to change your clothes at the Club. 

All members have to respect the dress code required; we always reserves the right to non admit a Member to the Club. 

The dress code is checked by our door host; the decision is final. Please respect the dress code, no refunds at the door for non-adequate dress code.


EVE Club is a club created by a woman, designed for women!

Women are the Queen, they must be respected and pleased; Gentlemen are their knights and as such they have to behave!

We takes always special care of all our Members, especially of the new ones. 

The Club is cosy, peaceful and elegant, perfect to relax and to meet new friends.

Your desires and your limits will always be respected; we are the kingdom of FREEDOM with RESPECT!

We have established some simple rules to protect our safe and private libertine home.

- Entrance exclusively for Members and applicant Members.

- Identification compulsory to subscribe.

- The Membership is strictly personal.

- We do not accept vulgar behaviour or lack of respect towards anybody in the Club.

- We are firmly against and we fight any use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol; Members who should be inclined to these tendencies will be immediately expelled, and in the more serious cases, if penalizable, they will be reported to the competent authorities.

- We ask for the respect of the dress code required.

- It is forbidden the use of the Mobile phone and/or Camera. 

- It is not possible to smoke inside the Club.

- Members are required to behave elegantly, seductive, smoothly with respect, sensibility and pleasantness; never underestimate the importance of a spontaneous and natural smile!   

The management has the right at any time to refuse Membership, to retire an existing one, and to expel immediately a Member from the Club at its sole discretion when above rules are not fulfilled.


We have thought to create this premium quality Club only to a few elite libertines to keep things totally exclusive.

The criteria of selection are qualitative, ruled by the refined and sensual sensitiveness of our staff:

- Proper aesthetic and age

- Suitable social and cultural level

- Elegance and manners

- Sensual and seductive mood

Don't miss the pleasure of meeting beautiful and sensual people willing to play the game of seduction and sharing fantastic experiences!